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an advanced play-by-post realistic wolf roleplay

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To affiliate with North of Nowhere, you must add our button to your affiliates and be active. We request to be placed in a static box rather than a moving one. Once our button is placed, use our guest account to post your website name and button in this thread. Sister sites are also welcome! There are no restrictions on genre, but animal RPs are preferred. Currently we have 2 open spots for static affiliates and 3 slots for sister sites. 

For the guest account, the username is Guest, and the password is nonguest

These are our buttons!

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Blossom Forest is a wolf roleplay site that has been around for a long, long time - but has recently moved to a new server with a flood of new updates! We've reintroduced magic, mutations, and much more. We'd love to be sister sites if you'll have us!

Our button:

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The link to our site:

We'll check back in a week! Have a good one.

Reason: The banner is not up. It should be up on every page.
Site: Empyreal
URL: click here
Button Code:
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" title="Empyreal: Semi-Realistic Wolf"></a>

< 3 We're relatively new but we hope that you add us!
HI Id like to affiliate with you!

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