an advanced play-by-post realistic wolf roleplay

Daitan, Madara

Character's Name: Madara Daitan

Age: x Months [dependent on date brought into play]

Gender: Female

Affiliation: Loner

Place of Birth: Native [born to outsiders]

Appearance: Coat colors are gray and blue; eyes are gray; size is medium. No mutations.

Personality: Cannot be evil or dark-aligned. A distant and almost cold exterior, but sweet on the inside. Basic traits include: bold, courageous, outspoken, inventive, adaptable, witty, clever, generous, observant, honest.

Roleplay Sample: 200 words minimum.

“Disclaimer: We [Essie & Lies] reserve the right to take back the pup if her RPer isn’t active enough or is a poopy person in general.

Madara “Ra” Daitan

Age: x Months
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Loner
Place of Birth: Native


Madara will be built like a dancer. Small but not compact, lightweight but powerful. Long lines that flow easily from one to another, purposeful and unwavering. She isn’t tall but looks can be deceiving. Her shoulders are proud and higher than the level line of her spine; not so much to look boorish, but they do extend the line of her legs to look even taller than she is.

Every step she takes will seem measured, purposeful but effortless. She rolls with every step in a way that mimics a feline’s gait. She is light on his toes, as if she could float away at the smallest breeze, but it is all an illusion. Madara is always firmly planted on the ground, surefooted and unlikely to falter.

Her pelt is, to put it simply, exquisite. It is her parents light-colored coats woven together using only the best elements. A soft soft grey is the most dominate, it encases her entire body from nose to tail. Mixed in evenly with that grey was a good portion of an shadowy blue and a trace amount of shocking silver. All together it gave her complexion that shimmered in the sun and seemed to glow in bright moonlight.

Madara has a finely boned, long face tipped in a dark leathery nose. Her ears sit primly on her head, expressive and mobile. Her eyes are a stormy silver that seem to glow as they peer out from heavy black lids.


Madara is a product created by her situation, by her surroundings. To say that one inherits their parents personality is fallacy, There is nothing overtly genetic about how you turn out. Nice parents have created murders, murders have created healers. Your personality is a result of your surroundings, and Madara is a prime example of this.

She learns how to be straightforward. Complicating matters only complicated your own life; attempting to be vague would only lead to ambiguous results. If you know what you want then why not go for it with a clear path in mind? Cutting corners only resulted in a higher rate of failure.

Madara is rather outgoing. She enjoys meeting new wolves and learning about who they are and where they’re from. She is brave and confident, sometimes to the point of overconfidence, though that will be tempered with the wisdom of age in time. Madara likes to explore, he likes to make friends and connections, and he wants so desperately to belong.

A sharp tongue and a good sense of humor defines Madara. She finds humor in almost everything, from the beings who surround her to even herself. In a tense situation she is likely to laugh, make a joke or a quip. She uses humor like a shield, to fight away the darkness that is inherit with living in this land.

Though it is often under the mask of humor, many might cotton onto the fact that Madara is rather self-deprecating. She worries about things she’s done, things she may do, things that haven’t happened. These thoughts plague her at night, often leaving her unrested and fretful. She is careful to not show these cracks to anyone but, hey, not everyone can be perfect one hundred percent of the time and she’s sure to slip up eventually.

Roleplay Sample

The land where young Madara was born in has a mottled past, one that she will not understand until she is far older. The sickness that swept through should have made many weary. A cough from a stray speck of dust tickling your throat can send some running to high heaven, a bout of diarrhea can cause panicked wails.

Honestly Ra hasn’t been told exactly why, because it doesn’t seem that anyone really saw the sickness in action. One day everyone was their normal selves, doing their normal things - the next day they were gone. Not even bodies left behind.

Young Madara thinks she knows better than the stories her mother has told her. A sickness made no sense to her tiny brain, because wouldn’t you smell it on the wind? Obviously it was a monster who killed them, consumed them whole and left no evidence behind.

A monster who also brought a storm. Ra had been told of the great winter storm that struck far too soon, before something called “snow” should have touched the ground. The trees hadn’t changed colors when the storm had landed (whatever that meant, for they had been great her entire life and surely things that steady do not change?) and so surely the monster, who ate the missing wolves, must have also brought this snow (whatever that was).

This young pup who was only a handful of months old and had only witnessed the heydays of spring and early summer couldn’t yet conceptualize a world so drastically different.

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