an advanced play-by-post realistic wolf roleplay

Renestrae, Cordelia
OOC Name: Syn
Other Characters: None. this is my first

Character's Name: Cordelia Renestrae
Age: Four
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Lone Wolf
Place of Birth: Native

- What region was your character born into? Do they still live there or did they leave there, and why? The Forest and yes, she still lives there but dreams of roaming the lands.
- What is your character’s initial opinions, or thoughts, about outsiders being allowed into Elsynia? Cordelia was very worried at first, not sure how the others would be; but still excited. She's very extroverted and is very excited to meet Outsiders. She doesn't see them as outsiders either, for all that she meets are immediately family.

- What brought your character to Elsynia and when did they arrive (IC season & year).

Roleplay Sample: It was quiet and calm. The only sounds that echoed in the Forest were the chirps of various birds and the wind blowing through the trees. The sun was warm despite the chill in the air; a clear sign of winter. There was peace in the air; a serenity that dug into the soil itself, infected the trees and by proxy, the air. It felt like the caress of a mother, lulling you to sleep. Calming you after something had upset you. Frazzled nerves would of easily been calmed in this space. A racing mind would have settled and an angry soul became peaceful. It was this place, this sanctuary, that the tan wolf preferred. A gentle soul she was, one that preferred peace and tranquility. She was not aggressive nor was she hateful. No. She was the opposite.

Passive. Welcoming. Gentle. Soft. Amiable. Kind.

She was sunshine in the cold of winter. She was Cordelia.

The wolfess was tiny, thin and tiny. Even laying on her side, buried in the grass and soil, she looked so small. Her stature was short, standing at a mere twenty-five inches at the shoulder and she weighed in at a less than impressive fifty pounds. Many might fear she was breakable; others may hope she was. It was all the same to her. There was no evil in the world. Only those grasping at happiness, at a solidity to belong. To be understood. Accepted. And she did just that. Cordelia did not judge. She did not dictate. She just was. She was that safe place. A place to cry if one needed it. A place to rant about your day. A place to take your rage out on. She was completely selfless. If only to bring a smile to the face of another. Malicious or not.

That small canid was just as unimpressive in her coloring as she was her size. A deep tan fading to cream with a few ebony hairs mixed within. It aided her in her home, made her blend in and become invisible. That was not her goal today however. No, she just slept. Stretched out on her side, in a soft patch of grass. The wind blowing gently to ease her into her slumber. Her belly and chest rose and fell with each lung full of oxygen. Even her breathing was soft, almost as if she was dead. Dead and gone. Like her family, her siblings.

She would not let it get her down. Never. She moved on and fought. She fought to stay bright and cheerful. Nothing could bring her spirit down; nothing. Nothing angered her, nothing triggered her. She was just...gentle. A breath of fresh air some might call her. Or a constriction of the windpipe. Everyone had their own opinions, and she respected them for that. Cordelia was not naive to believe everyone automatically loved her; in fact, it shocked her if someone claimed they remotely enjoyed her. She was not used to being liked, she was not used to being loved. Not even she loved herself. But she loved others.

Call her stupid, but the sleeping canine did not care. She was she and you were you.

The sleeping of the gentle creature was disturbed by a curious bird, pecking at her single ear. It flickered to relief itself of the annoyance, but the bird was intrigued further. It bounced to a new spot on her neck, pecking at the soft appendage once more. Another flick. Another peck. A shake of the head and she rose from her prone position with a snort and a yawn. Large, razor-sharp pearls glinted in the sun that peeked through the tree canopy. Closing her maw, she licked her lips, those chocolate eyes looking towards the bird as he sat on a stump a distance away. Her lips pulled back in a wolfish smile, that single ear perked forward in a curious display. She tilted her head in curiosity, making an inquisitive whine. The bid cawed and flew off. She was alone again, her ear pinning back in a moment of sadness.

She needed to move, needed to find food. But she flopped back down, closing her eyes once again to slip into that bliss of dreamland. The bliss of ignorance.



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