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"Names are just names that belong to faces. It is what makes someone them, and in retrospect, every name is special. There is nothing unique in names that are created after stars and the like." Bubbling and boiling was the patience that wore thin. As quick as steam that rose from erupting geysers, Sol's eyes flickered with anger. "In your homeland, perhaps yes. However, names mean everything where I come from. Names shake fear into those that are stupid enough to test. Names speak volumes that words cannot." To Sol, her name was her Legacy, everything she had worked for. "After our bodies crumble to dust, our names are all that is left. Either lost to the wind, or spoken in Legend." Her tone boomed with pride; yet her glare was dominating, her words blunt and precise to make a point.

Yet Sol would be tested further this day. Simmering anger did not die down. Instead, only revenged like an angry fire that rose her hackles and perked her ears forwards. Sol was not threatened by Fayre, more infuriated with the lack of respect and dignity she had.
"I do not answer to you. You are not my alpha." Tail rose and along her spine adrenaline bursting with flurries of anger prepared her body that sunk low, defensive was her position; yet a booming snarl awoke from her maw, crackling into the air like thunder. Backing away, yet slowly began to circle; perhaps a more feline-type behavior. But it was a means of intimidation."Non not an Alpha."Her accent blending to seem more french by the second. "I am a Queen. It is time that I teach you some manners, foolish child!"


The snap had been triggered; the gun fired. Ravenous to show her authority over the younger female, her paws seemed charged like a coiled spring. Her bright pelt rustling in the wind that barred towards Fayre with snapping jaws. Sol aimed to clash with Fayre's right side; hoping that the sudden shock would send the tanned female to the ground. That way Sol would have easy pickings; instant access to stand over or maim if she pleased.

Back home, Sol was known for her furious outbursts, her Knight's often at the brunt end of a furious aggression, either through training spars; or simply being the closest beings to her. Though she never laid a paw upon her children, or mate, Sol was at no exception to show Fayre just to whom she had been speaking to. This was how she gained her name and title. This was how she would reclaim her Kingdom. Wolves like Fayre would either submit, or die. It was a harsh life, one cruel and untamed. Sol would hand out punishments like judge and jury. Even in her darkest moments, she was still a Queen. Such a title would not leave her side.

She cared not if the bear hide fell from her shoulders; her dignity had been erased, all that was left was a bursting ball of anger. A Queen of the Sun. If successful, Sol would stand over Fayre. "Submit." If not; more juristic measures would have to be made. Sol was not in any mood to back down.


Sol has aimed to push over Fayre and stand on top.
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Too late. It was too late to take it all back, and yet Fayre found herself defiant, seemingly eager to rile her up. She had disliked the way Sol had held herself, so full of it, and she had wanted to make sure she made her true thoughts known. Was it wrong to let it be known? Her thoughts were her own; it would be Sol's fault for not being open-minded enough, to let mere opinions insult her so. But that was before. Things were different now. In retrospect, Fayre knew she could have phrased her sentences better, but it was too late...

Her heart thumped hard when Sol pushed forth with all her wrath. So thunderous her anger was that her larger size very well pushed her off the ground. Fayre felt earth vanish from under her paws, and in her panic, her jaws reached out towards Sol's muzzle. If successful, Fayre's teeth would sink into it.

This was nothing like she had ever faced before. Yes, she had gone through combat lessons. She was small; she could use her lightness and speed to her advantage, but she had never experienced a real fight before, one that was filled with so much emotion and anger. If not for Aegnor, the alpha, she was sure many of her packmates would have had their way with her. How would she end up by the end of this battle? Neck, torn to pieces? Veins ruptured, leaving her to bleed to death? It was a very cold winter, and dying here was not ideal. Fayre had never thought much of death, but in that moment, scenes flashed before her eyes: of sunlight filtering through the trees, of sunlight shining upon her favourite patch of grass to bask in.

She knew once she had fallen to the ground, the game would be over for her.
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