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Plot with Hale
froja afreale

Froja's always up for some fun. She cannot stand any tension in the air, and will always try to keep the focus away from the source of it. A yearling who's most of the time in her cheerful bubble living by the mantra 'live and let live', because YOLO~ but it's because of this that she can get carried away, get herself into trouble. Her fun-loving side has managed to survive through the hardships of being aware of the evils in the world (namely the death of Dakarai and the war between Tiamat and Heilis, which is no longer happening).

Region: Forest, Coast (will be on the way back to the forest to get ready for when temp increases)
Plot ideas:
- If your male is 2/3 years old and looking for someone to be with, let's let them meet and see how they get along? :3

fayre isciira

She's the sun that exudes its scalding heat. In most situations, her expressions change between frowns and smirks, and the way she speaks interchange between snaps and taunts. Not many will like her, but she is soft-hearted, and if anyone can see past her actions to who she really is beneath, she'll appreciate your presence forevermore.

Region: Forest, Coast
Plot ideas:
- Have a war of words with her, or be a friend who understands her?
- If your male is 2/3 years old and looking for someone to be with, let's let them meet and see how they get along? :3
I have Redfoot. She's not very "wordy" which I think would be an interesting combo with Fayre. The latter tries to be snappy and Red either takes it in stride or snaps back in as few words as possible... Or turns it into dry sarcasm XD either way I think it would be fun.

What do you think? @Hale
I remember Qihul and Froja meeting waaaay back ,maybe they can play catch-up?
@Plymouth oh, that will be quite an interesting thread! :D would you like to start?

@Qihul Froja will be happy to see him again! Would you like to start?
@Hale Sure I can start! ^^ It'll probably be tomorrow when I get to it though! Homework has left me dead lol!
@Plymouth I understand! I look forward to it~
I can picture many plots!
Nassar will be the next to return once Harmonia has enough posts [approx 2 more]. I'd love for Nassar to run into Froja again. She's had a soft spot for her for quite a while.
Also, I can picture Harmonia playing with Froja and rekindling some of her past self on accident. Perhaps she witnesses Froja frolicking and is like "aww I should join in'

additionally, neither Nassar nor Harmonia will deal well with a snappy personality. :) I'm sure a thread could be fun
@Claerie I would so love to have Froja meet Nassar again (just let me know when she's back~)! Froja would also love to rekindle whatever fun that others once was before.

As for Fayre, well... let's see how it goes between her and Harmonia first. XD

Would you like to start the threads?
I'll start the threads!! :)
@Claerie Oh, hey, I just realised how horrible I am. I'm sorry! How about I start Froja and Harmonia?

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