an advanced play-by-post realistic wolf roleplay

Living on the frozen Edge.
The past few months seems to have gone by without event and recognition and Saigh couldn't tell what he had done with the time. Winter had Elsynia in its icy cold grips and many perished due to it as the cold and snow plucked prey from the wolves as if working in partnership with the illness that was threading its way through the lands. All were finding it a struggle to survive and some wolves had been lost in the time that had passed, Saigh, however, was hardy and was surviving, but not too well.

The white and black male's coat was thickened due to the seasonal change giving the appearance of a decent body mass, however beneath his double coat the wolf's body was starting to wear thin; ribs and hip bones starting to protrude, muscle mass depleting and fat reserves running low. As a loner, it was proving harder to survive than those who have a pack around them. It was something that Saxigh had contemplated but knew that he'd struggle to adjust.

Having traveled further down the lands Saxigh found himself nearing the coast; a harsh wind whipped from an area he couldn't see but he could certainly feel it. The pads and toes, nose and ears of the brute were nye-on frozen, numb and cold he grunted in frustration. Where Saxigh found himself seemed completely void of any other wolves, he had not seen or scented any and it left him with a sense of unease -Why were there no wolves about? What had happened? Was something going to happen to him?

Hunger drove the male to paw through the snow in the hopes of finding some poor victim who fell foul of the cold. Searches in other areas had proven fruitless but there was a faint scent of something in the air that got Saxigh excited. Shaking himself clear, the brute lowered his frozen snout to the snow and blasted a breath out to disperse snow before he inhaled and scented for what it was he smelt. As another pang of hunger vibrated his stomach muscles the male growled back in frustration, the smell of food and the hunger was driving him insane.

As he dug further through the snow he noticed the area of grassland thinning out and a glossy area ahead of him. Ice. That could be good and bad depending on the situation, but as he scented it led him closer to the frozen liquid and he sneered. "Of course..." The area of water was not particularly deep, but it was frozen but only partially, Saxigh didn't know if he needed to cross the ice in order to find the source of food. Stepping gingerly onto the ice with a single paw, the male applied pressure to test it; the frozen liquid groaned and cracked under the small amount of weight. "Hm.." He tried again and then the entire sheet of ice shifted and dropped under him allowing the still liquid water to splash up around the edges.

Stepping back Saxigh contemplated how much he really wanted food versus how much he really wanted to risk his life or freeze. He stepped back towards the ice and repeated the motion again forcing the now 'floating' ice sheet to move with the water underneath it which then released new scents, stronger ones which made the male's choice for him. He rocked the ice float in the hopes that whatever was trapped beneath had been preserved with enough meat on it that would feed him sufficiently.

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