an advanced play-by-post realistic wolf roleplay

The Grand Reopening

Hello everybody~! I am pleased to announce that North of Nowhere is back and in action! Thank you so much for your patience as Claerie, Supernova, and soar pieced this place back together. We would like to point out a few changes that have been made to the guidebook. These changes have been made for our sake, as well as yours – we wanted NoN to be less stressful for everyone, and less time consuming as well (aka: less time on the grind, more time writing and developing our characters!).

Morality and Titles:
Titles and morality are now linked! Performing good or bad deeds will allow your character to formulate a sort of “reputation” on site. For example, earning 5 black knots might earn you the title of “the candy robber”, ten knots “the master of destruction”, etc.

The Stat System
Stats have been completely removed from the game! We strongly encourage users to talk to one another and determine amongst yourselves the outcome of a battle. If a conclusion cannot be reached, fights will be judged by administrator judging panels. based on realism and logistics (see “The First Rule of Fight Club” for more details).

Pack Challenges
Basically, a pack leader has five days to respond to a character who challenges them. (see “The First Rule of Fight Club” for more details).


All character profiles have been moved to auditioning! If you would like to use a character, please re-audition them, and we will move the character back into active! However, a change has been implemented to character creation on North of Nowhere. In order to create a new character, all active accounts must have a minimum of 25 posts.

Ex. Xiana was made before the revamp, and she has 25 posts, therefore I can bring in a new character

Ex II. Xiana has 25 posts, and Evanora (who was also made before the site revamp) has 14 posts. I cannot bring in another character until Evanora reaches 25 posts, regardless of when that character was accepted.

These rules were made so that people don’t overwhelm themselves with too many characters! The quality of a character is more important to us than the number of characters you have <3 Thank you for understanding

Table Testing, Graphic Threads, Plotting Threads
You guys have a week to re-audition your characters before we start archiving plot and graphics threads! We wanted to give you guys a heads-up, in case you needed to save your stuff before it is archived. Active characters will not have their graphics or plot threads removed. However, table testing will be cleared in just a few days, so make sure you have what you need!

Family Crests
Family crests have been removed from the site.

Welcome to the re-opening of North of Nowhere! Happy RPing! <3

-Supernova (formerly Supersona)

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