an advanced play-by-post realistic wolf roleplay

nature's strength

With each step that her coral paws took the ground became darker and darker. In the distance, her turquoise gaze spied the crooked branches of a burnt tree. Then came another one and then another one until her pale figure began to submerge in a field of black coal. The ground was littered with ashes that began to paint her lighter feet with solemn shades. She gazed around with curiosity while pacing slowly, the trees seemingly extending their twisted fingers upwards as if it latch onto the clear skies and cotton clouds. The blonde girl extended her muzzle to sniff the burnt debris scattered across the terrain, scrunching her nose in mild distaste. Yuck, that was an unpleasant smell.
It really did seem that there was no life whatsoever. This forest was burnt to a crisp by a wild fire most likely. Those were her exact conclusions until she noticed a little green patch of grass growing on the ground. Nereis padded to it and sniffed it curiously, her tail wagging behind her lightly. So she was wrong, somewhat! The forest may have suffered a disaster but nature never disappointed. It seems that it was trying to make a return. It really made her think how strong nature was.

For some cosmic reason beyond Judas' comprehension, his inky paws always found their way back to the burnt forest. He couldn't fathom why. The air was acrid, pungent with the strong scents of burnt wood and smutty ash. Every step made with his paws was met with a crunch of old, brittle wood, and he wondered if he ever stepped on bones here. Surely, life must have perished in such a disaster, however no evidence was left to the naked eye, or maybe scavengers had long since taken the carcasses for a feast.

Muscles rippled attractively beneath a thick ebony pelt - the colour two-toned with a much deeper, darker black colouring the lower portion of his body, as if he had recently half-submerged himself in water. He was perfectly dry though, with citrine eyes glowering in cold contempt for the place. Why was it that he always returned? Was there some sort of pull that he was unaware of?

A snap of a paw stepping on twigs far off caught his attention. Obisdian ears perked curiously; it wasn't often that the Coax child encountered others, much less in the Purgatory Forest. As quietly as he could manage, Judas weaved through the dead trees like a snake amongst long blades of grass - his pelt an asset to hiding with shadows of shadows. Not wanting to be taken by surprise as to what he was met with, he approached the pale girl from behind and observed for a few moments. She seemed... fascinated by a green patch of grass.

One ear fell and the other stayed erect upon his dark crown; a sign of mild bemusement. Just what was she expecting to find in such a desolate and barren place? Her tail wagged and the female poked at it with her nose, and he decided then that she couldn't possibly be an immediate threat.

Emerging from the treeline, the growing male slowly advanced towards the other wolf. After taking a few careful steps, Judas cleared his throat in a bi of an awkward way, soon shuffling into her sight. "Just... what are you doing?" he asked bluntly, head lowering a bit to look at her sniffing at the lively patch. It didn't clue in to him to introduce himself, and he patiently waited for an answer as if this sort of interaction was normal.

"You feel like letting go?"

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