North of Nowhere
an advanced play-by-post realistic wolf roleplay

nature's strength

With each step that her coral paws took the ground became darker and darker. In the distance, her turquoise gaze spied the crooked branches of a burnt tree. Then came another one and then another one until her pale figure began to submerge in a field of black coal. The ground was littered with ashes that began to paint her lighter feet with solemn shades. She gazed around with curiosity while pacing slowly, the trees seemingly extending their twisted fingers upwards as if it latch onto the clear skies and cotton clouds. The blonde girl extended her muzzle to sniff the burnt debris scattered across the terrain, scrunching her nose in mild distaste. Yuck, that was an unpleasant smell.
It really did seem that there was no life whatsoever. This forest was burnt to a crisp by a wild fire most likely. Those were her exact conclusions until she noticed a little green patch of grass growing on the ground. Nereis padded to it and sniffed it curiously, her tail wagging behind her lightly. So she was wrong, somewhat! The forest may have suffered a disaster but nature never disappointed. It seems that it was trying to make a return. It really made her think how strong nature was.


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