an advanced play-by-post realistic wolf roleplay

one track mind, one track heart

It hasn't been a while since she arrived, but she already wanted to explore more. This kingdom proved to offer such beautiful views that the yearling couldn't get enough of them. She enjoyed submerging herself with the land, getting to know the most interesting parts of it and enjoying her time by herself among the beauty of them was on of her hobbies. It felt good to be by herself without knowing that she'll return back to her home tonight like she did everyday. This journey was one of the best decisions she could've took. Tearing away from the daily life and jumping into one where she didn't know what to expect next was refreshing and discovering new places was just a plus.
When the golden girl had followed down the river from the forest she had decided to stick to it even though a large expanse filled with grass had opened up to her right. It didn't really seem worth her while, though. At least not right now. The yearling wanted to see where this river led and so she followed it dutifully, stopping from time to time to drink some water. After a while in the distance two cliffs on both sides began to open up before her like a colossal gate of a castle which sparked her interest and lit up excitement within her gaze. She approached, noting that the river didn't stop here but instead cut through the tall rocks. On each side, there was a path to walk on. As further as she went into the fissure-like terrain, she noticed that the river expanded and the water seemed calmer. Nereis pressed on until a great sight appeared before her. An ocean! Or was it a sea? Who knew? Certainly not her. She had no knowledge of how to recognize either, but that hardly mattered at the moment. Maybe she'd ask somebody, if she saw anyone at all here. Hopefully, there was nobody around. She wanted to enjoy the sight by herself. After such a long walk, the golden hued child felt fulfillment flood her. Truly worth the walk.


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