an advanced play-by-post realistic wolf roleplay

OOC Name: Savage

Character's Name: Nyx
Age: 3 years
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Lone wolf
Place of Birth: Outsider
Being exiled from her tribe, she wandered the "world" for awhile, until she found the passage to NoN.
Roleplay Sample: Long legs carried her elegant body through the passage that she had seen from afar. The curiosity overwhelming her precise mind. What was right and wrong.. Or actually what was rational and not, did not matter at this moment. All that mattered right now was for her to reach the other side and see what this jar held. What she could gain from it and what she could lose. If she had anything to lose at all. With the exile, she had nothing to lose, but her mind and her mind was something no one could take. She had her confidence, she had her beliefs, she had herself. She didn't need anyone. Or so she thought. How selfish of her. She wasn't like that when she was younger. She wanted to live up to the expectations of Bubba. But all she managed to do was disappoint.. not only him.. But everyone that survived the plague, she was blamed for. And she had nothing to do with it. And all of this for her interest in voodoo and witchcraft. For her interest in necromancy. She was stripped of her tribe initials and was sent on her way. Maybe this could be a place of new beginnings. She halted at the end of the passage, dual colored eyes judging the landscape before her. It was time for a new chapter of her story.

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