an advanced play-by-post realistic wolf roleplay

Plot with Raven!
Hey Guys! Feel free to PM me or discuss on this thread for plots! I'm up for almost anything, though not necessarily anything too (MATURE). Gore I can handle. :P

caein - redwyne
loner • exiled prince of valeria •


So my little boy Caein is very grumpy, sarcastic, withdrawn... not necessarily fun to be around unless you take the time to know him and open up to him. He can be a little more acceptable if someone helps him. E.g: When Evanora gave him food/helped him with Ignatius. He doesn't necessarily have a current plot but I have one planned with his Half Brother, Balor See the adoptable page for his Bio if you're interested!

Friends; He needs friends but they have to be extremely patient, he doesn't exactly like talking to others unless they benefit him in some way.

Enemies; YES PLEASE.

Love Interest; Male or Female, he has no preference. Someone that can either rile him up or "cure" him. Or just someone willing to be there for him.

Family Members; Balor Valyrion is currently UFA. I have a few other family members that can come in if anyone is interested.

Wolves met; Anos Pellinore (Avoids/dislikes), Evanora Seraphine (Accepted/Somewhat friendly), Nassar Tiamat (??)

mother • matriarch of the kerr family •


So my Ali is currently very comfortable. She has a loving husband, Lachlan and has three children; Zykiel, Harriet and Annabel. She adores her family and will do anything to protect them. She is known to be the most disciplined/serious Kerr and has a mild-temper that can get quite nasty. She is currently in the works of creating her pack; Kaimu with her family. And tries to stay neutral with the War between the Tiamat's and Helis'.

Friends; ALL THE FRIENDS. She's a very kind soul. Throw anyone at her!

Enemies; This could be fun!

Love Interest; NOPE.

Family Members; Lachlan Kerr, Ariel Thalassa, Avon Kerr, Harriet, Zykiel and Annabel Kerr.

Wolves met; Kohl Tiamat (Wary/un-trusting)

-tosses Gradis forward- He could end up being either an enemy or a friend! It really depends on how things go, though! We could mesh em together and find out.
Rouuuuuuuu, me me me!
I have two!

Kita; Easygoing, kind, friendly

Izaral; (wont leave forest region) stubborn, self-conscious, afraid

Either or both! I'm up for it ;D
Click for thread with Iz!
I have only Nereis who is a bit awkward, likes being alone, is usually friendly on the surface but a bit more complicated underneath. c:

Now introducing; ALIANNA KERR Mate of Lachlan, Mother to Annabel, Harriet and Zykiel Kerr!

Looking for; FRIENDS. Throw everyone at her! She's motherly, and will mother everyone.
Not looking for; ENEMIES. She's neutral, doesn't have an opinion on what's going on outsider her family.

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