an advanced play-by-post realistic wolf roleplay

Plot with Cas!

I'm looking for people to thread with! I have Gradis (<- click for profile!) who needs to meet others! He's manipulative, self-centered and self-serving. He's a wolf in sheep's clothing, coming off as quite the charming gentleman if he believes there might be something for him to use.

Because of his nature, I expect him to have quite a few enemies, so that is ALWAYS open!

He is not above doing whatever he needs to in order to manipulate someone into joining his cause, so if pretending to love them is the key then so be it. That is the only love plot I see in his future, otherwise flings are welcome if that's all it takes!

Perhaps probably the most important thing he needs are others that believe the same as he does! The weak should be eradicated and only the strong have a place on this world.

I also have Lyllo (<- click for profile!) who needs plots! He's extremely protective of his siblings, but has a good heart. He has a wee-bit of a temper and arrogance does show through sometimes but on the whole, he's neutral!

He's welcome for almost anything you can throw at me. ^^

Hit me with your best shot!
Updated with Lyllo!
I have my yearling girl Nereis! I'd love for her to get into an argument or a fight with someone so her and Gradis should definitely meet and we'll see how it goes from there? :3
Oh I would love that! Who's making the thread?
I can! Any preferences as to where?
@Nori Anywhere is good! Thanks so much!

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