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Thx for ur patience
Hi guys,

I know, I suck. I feel so bad about sucking so much that it's like a physical ache. I wanted to explain again that I'm still here, but I am under a lot of outward stress right now. It's my senior year of undergraduate at college, and this fall (in the next few weeks) I will be applying to law school for next year. And, most importantly, this Saturday is my LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) which I have been studying for. It's the immediate culprit for my absence.

I wanted to apologize again for any threads I have left dangling. I understand if you guys want to archive them uncompleted/whatever, but if they are still hanging around next week after my exam, I will work on replying to everyone then and begging for your forgiveness.

I know the age old saying "real life always comes first", but it still doesn't make me feel like any less shitty of a person x.x

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[Image: xZhsJ9Y.png]
No worries Di! Our thread is waiting for you <3 good luck on your test!!
Froja will continue to wait and see if Eulalia has a story for her! :) all the best to you!
No problem di our thread will be there for you ♡♡
No worries at all, Di!

I'd still like to do ours whenever you can. <3

Good luck on your test!!! I'm sure you'll kill it. :D
Thank you everyone <3 <3 I have finished my LSAT and just have to -- you know -- apply! But I fully expect my activity to do a total 180 now 8D Yay!

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