North of Nowhere
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[AW] little lady lost her way

Kita Ynavamn

It was so very pleasurable, to fill her stomach with a meal that would keep her satisfied for some time. Moments like these were ones she took for granted when living her life with her father as she did. Together they depended on each other, she depended on him for everything and she didn't even know it - of course not until he died.

Once she had stuffed her face enough she reclined to her haunches and toppled over onto her back laughing lightly as she landed with a dull thud. Wriggling she settled herself quite snug into the earth. Salmon coloured tongue casually cleaned her bloody muzzle. She would later have to pay more care to her appearance but for now she needed to rest her stomach.

Pale green eyes stared up to the canopy of branches overhead as she relaxed. "Tell me Kayona, do you miss the Tundra where you came from or are you liking the forest?" She spoke lazily, head moving so she could look at the icy woman, "Did you leave your family there?" A personal question, maybe not even one that should have been asked. Kita didn't normally like to prod but she felt so content in this moment, so comfortable and close to Kayona she forgot they only just met. How inappropriate it must seem.



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