an advanced play-by-post realistic wolf roleplay

The Sands

A family of nomads, occasional vagabonds, and a casanova father, the Sands take their place name from the area of the Black Sands Beach. Although they claim the coast as their ancestral home, they are of mixed parentage, with the current patriarch boasting a Coastal mother and a Forest father. The eldest, and only, son remains a mystery, though his coloration makes it obvious that his father was somehow on intimacy terms with a Tundra wolf.

As a family, the Sands are notorious for disregarding rules they deem as "unimportant", for flaunting their independent lifestyle, and being wholly protective of their family. While most of the family members are neutral-aligned, there may be some wolves who stray lighter or darker.

The sisters are all from the same litter, with an older brother who clearly takes after his mother. While their mothers typically raised them until they were weaned and half-grown (6 months), Oberon openly accepted and cared for his offspring, often to the point of sneaking past pack boundaries to gift their mothers with food or affection.

two yrs / female / loner / native

Appearance: Smaller than her sisters, with a stocky build. Deceptively strong. 100 words minimum.

Personality: 200 words minimum. Hard Out Here — Lily Allen

Roleplay Sample: 200 words minimum.
two yrs / female / loner / native

Appearance: Taller than either of her sisters. Wiry and sleek. 100 words minimum.

Personality: 200 words minimum. Barley — Birds of Chicaho

Roleplay Sample: 200 words minimum.

Appearance: Average in size and weight, with distinctively long fur around her ruff. 100 words minimum.

Personality: 200 words minimum. Missile — Dorothy

Roleplay Sample: 200 words minimum.
four yrs / male / loner / native

Appearance: A little larger than his half-brother, Oberon, with the same type of build. Name should pull from Spanish, Italian, or other Mediterranean ethnicities.

Personality: 200 words minimum. ??? would have been raised by Obara and another she-wolf; his father would have been out of the picture. As he is from Obara's last litter, his mother would have been seven at his birth and she may have passed away when he was 3-ish or passed away after he left home. Common values for Sands are loyalty towards family, an inner sense of morality (the kind of morality is up to you), independence, fearlessness, and humor. You are not required to incorporate all of these, but please bear them in mind while you're writing your app!

Roleplay Sample: 200 words minimum.
one yr / open gender / loner / native

Appearance: Leggy and gangly, still growing into their body. Face is coyote-esque, with a thinner snout and large ears. Short coat, obvious forest-heritage influence.

Personality: 200 words minimum. ??? is Oberon's full sister's kid, so Oberon's kids are their cousins. Oberon's sister moved to the forest after she was fully-grown and took a forest wolf as her mate; ??? may have 1-2 littermates if you'd like. Common values for Sands are loyalty towards family, an inner sense of morality (the kind of morality is up to you), independence, fearlessness, and humor. You are not required to incorporate all of these, but please bear them in mind while you're writing your app! Additionally, ??? may have self-confidence issues due to their build and the size of their ears, both of which may have gotten them teased as a youngster.

Roleplay Sample: 200 words minimum.

The idea for this family was to get more native-born families into play! It's my hope that once 1-2 of the family members are in play, the Sands can begin to cause mischief and get into spats with their neighbors, as can be expected of nomadic groups. While they are generally welcoming of outsiders, provided they get along alright, the Sands don't play by any rules except their own— which can cause tension between them and other families or packs.

I would really love if someone else wanted to bring into play a native family that had connections or past history with the Sands! Some ideas are: a marriage alliance that went awry, trying to bring the Sands under their rule, and/or encroaching on the Sands' usual roaming grounds. I am, of course, open to other ideas too!! These are just starting to points to give people ideas :)

9/8/17 — UPDATES

Oberon's half brother, uncle to his four children, is up for adoption along with Oberon's niece/nephew! Additionally, there is now a Discord server for The Sand Fam! Join us HERE!
liala sand
two yrs / female / loner / native

- FEMININE. TALL. ATHLETIC. SLEEK. From the beginning it was easy to tell that the middle child was going to be the largest of her litter, a child that would be chosen as the prize canine of her littermates. With that it can be said that she is taller when it comes into to comparison with female canines. With her athletic frame, her appearance shows off her lengthy legs. As if she needs someone to think that she is taller than she actually is, ending in petite paws that allow easier changes in direction and rather good for balance. Muscles are easily shown but not so that she looks stocky, her weight is carried evenly along her frame to allow some of her curves to not be lost in her sleek form. Her stance shows a soft confidence, relaxed but shows that she is confident in her ability to preform. She shows the movement to a proper lady, not really lowering her head for those that do not first show her respect unless it is her family.

-- VANILLA. COFFEE. ESPRESSO. Most seemed to be the flavor of coffee you might order with your barista but in the case of this woman they are perfect words to describe her coloration. A gentle roll of vanilla, cream pigmentation, a soft touch on her chest, a splash of color on her toes. From her tail to her ears, she is covered in coffee. Highlighting points over her eyes, making her cheeks look sharper than they are. A coat of espresso, from the top of her tail, hugging her hips, rolling over her shoulder. Lastly, this hue takes over her skull, trailing down her nose. Completing this part of the canvas

-- DEEP BLUE. INDIGO. SOFT. A gentle swipe of the brush, and we finish the picture. From a glance the paint on her eyes are a deep and endless blue but look again, closer than before and you see how the soft highlights of indigo and what might be a hint of purple. Every fragment of light seems to bounce off of her optics, sometimes making them look lighter than before. There seems to always be a smile in those eyes, a constant place to find comfort.

-- DEPENDABLE. LOYAL. CONSTANT. UNWAVERING. it can be said that if you were to call on this Sand child, you would find that she is someone you can rely on, someone you fall back on. A wolf you can put your trust into and have no worry that she might undermine you or turn on you, she is loyal to those she calls family and friend. With her loyalty being said you can always expect her to do that same thing. She is a rock, the anchor to her family. She is unwavering in her opinion, in her thoughts, and in her actions.

-- CONFIDENT. SURE. Liala is not a girl that puts doubt in herself, never to think her decision was the wrong one. This could be both a good and a bad trait, she feels what she does is the right thing to do. She is not one to voice her opinion, or openly show this confidence. Some times she may come off as unsure in certain situations, but it is usually this is something she resolves in mind alone. Although she will listen to outside opinions, it is not likely that her position or opinion with change. She will still believe she is in the right. Come wind or fire, she will stand her ground.

-- COURTEOUS. PROPER. SMILING. It is easy to say that even though she is constant and sure, she is usually courteous and kind to those around her. She is not one to snap at you thought she might think you are in the wrong, she will be there to give you a smile and even laugh at things you do. She presents herself in a friendly manner unless you show her otherwise, then she will show you the same respect you show her. When it comes to addressing someone she is always proper, whether it be to state your rank, your last name, or simply to call you "ma'am" or"sir" she greet someone formally until she gets to know them. Leaving familiarity for those close to her.

-- NONCONFORMING. PROTECTIVE. Though she is a rock, an anchor, she is not one to follow anyone's rules but her family's. Deeming most of these so called rules as unimportant, often found with the life of a nomad due to the independent aspect of it. though with this said because of her loyalties she is protective of her family, she is not one to stand by and let her family be insulted. You will take a smiling and courteous woman and get the same respect you showed her family, perhaps steer clear of this.

Roleplay Sample:
Scowle has approved my usage of Ra <3

Listening to the ocean waves have always soothed the the tallest daughter, the way the water touched her toes as the tide rose and fell. It was not just her family that kept her tied to the sandy beach though it played a rather large roll in it. it was the sharp bite of salt in her lungs, the murmuring whispers of the sea, the way the dark sand played between her toes. Her eyes were fixated on the way the fiery sun rose from the horizon, playing tricks on the water to make them appear not their usually blue-green color. Instead a rather soft pink and gentle orange faded beautifully into the robin egg blue. The waves were like a water colored canvas, one that held too much color and began to bleed and shift with the weight of the paint.

Her thoughts were lost as she watched the play of color, only for them to shift course as a familiar pale coat caught her attention. Though paler than herself, he was still her brother, just from another mother. Without warning him first she closed the distance between them rather quickly though he was simply strolling along the ocean while she quickened her speed.

It was then she let out a bark, hoping to both surprise her brother and catch him off guard. When his ear swiveled and his body started to pivot, the tallest daughter nipped at his rump. A sound of laughter seemed to come then, not just from her but from her brother as well. Without any words spoken between the two sand children, the race was on.
9/12/17 — UPDATES

This is a friendly reminder that I will be choosing apps for these characters on Friday, September 22. Please make sure to have your completed apps in by then! :)

There are several plots currently active with the Sand family, including protecting Calla & Judas from Sinclair Coax and getting on the Heilis family's bad side, and we would love to have more! Alliances, old grudges, bad blood — come one, come all! You can plot with us on the Discord server for The Sand Fam! Join us HERE!
Ireneus "Ire" Sand
four yrs / male / loner / native

31 in / 120 lbs / average build

Ireneus is not a rather striking individual. His coat does not hold firey tones or the darkness of night. He looks more as though he has been pulled up from the soil below; except for his eyes, though.

Medium: The Sands male is no towering giant of great proportions. Of course, he isn't a tiny petite fairy either. Ireneus falls somewhere in between the two but does seem to linger on the smaller end of medium. He stands only a few inches taller than his half-brother Oberon and weighs only a pawful more pounds.

Pelt: Ireneus is covered in varying earthy tones. A dry soil brown is his most prominent color across his body. A more sandy color starts at his cheeks and works down his underside to the bottom tip of his tail. One should expect a few varying colors across his back - darker brown, ivory dusting, and sandy sprinklings.

Eyes: He looks out into the world with wide eyes, ever eager to greet the day. Their color seems to be reminiscent of the deep blue sea or perhaps a distant galaxy.

ode to viceroy // Mac DeMarco

Ireneus made his own mold for his life. He took a few defining traits as a youngster and used them as stepping stones to become the man he is today.

humorous: The earth-toned male has an uncanny ability at shedding a joking spotlight onto any situation. He's seen his fair share of things and has ultimately come to term that the only way to survive the things the world wants to throw at you is to turn them into a playful situation. Some might speculate that this is a certain coping mechanism. Of course, Ireneus would never admit to such a thing. Who would?

romantic/lover: It is unknown where exactly this trait was picked up or how it developed. Regardless of the mystery of its presence, Ireneus welcomes it with open arms. While he doesn't pressure himself onto others (for multiple reasons but mainly because it breaks his own morals) he won't hide any affection he might harbor for another. Ireneus shouldn't be mistaken for a male floozy, though. His feelings are always genuine and are usually aimed at one creature at a time.

lionhearted: Ireneus is not one to shrink in the face of danger or turn away an adventurous task. He is always ready to see a task until the end, feeling like he should leave no ends untied. Some might see it as noble and others might see it as foolish. The Sands male is not in it for others' opinions though - most of the time.

loyal: His loyalty, more often than not, is rather picky on who it goes too. Usually his loyalty lies only with his own bloodlines. His family will always come first to the coastal nomad. Although those who manage to stick around long enough and worm themselves into his heart will have a good chance at gaining his loyalty.

Roleplay Sample: He trailed along the grasslands, deep blue eyes scanning the horizon lining the waters. Ireneus wasn't in search of anything particular that day. He found company in the cawing of sea birds looking for their last meal of the day. Perhaps they weren't the ideal company, for their conversational skills were crude and limited, but it was better than being completely alone.

The earth-toned male drifted slightly closer to the salty waters. It was not the right time for a swim but perhaps a small dip of his toes wouldn't hurt. He watched as the water ebb and flowed against the grainy ground. What a sight, wasn't it? The oceans would forever be full of wonder and mystery with their endless horizons and measureless depths. A smile tugged up his tan cheeks. It was a luxury - one that he would never take for granted - to be able to call the coast his home. No matter where he went or who he belonged to the coast would always be his mistress, calling and beckoning for him to return. Each time he would be met with salty kisses of the sea and the warm embrace of the sun above. It all warmed his heart, really. Who knew someone could be so in love with a landform.

"Ah, but enough of being smitten with the coast." The Sand male thought softly. Surely he was needed somewhere else, thinking of something else, doing something else. As hard as it was he pulled his gaze away from the waves to focus on the land. Damp, sandy paws then carried the coastal male to his next adventure.

two yrs / female / loner / native


Small would be the first word to describe Amarys—albeit in body and not in spirit. Habit has caused her chin to tilt up when speaking to others. Brown ears often twitch, straining to pick up the murmurs of those that stand above her. And yet... her paws are not daintily placed upon the ground. Each pad is firmly shoulder-width apart, her stance sturdy and challenging? Muscular legs flow into broadened shoulders and thick hips, her body belonging to more of a box-like structure. There are no hills and valleys for which the rogues can allow their eyes to travel. Few curves adorn her, the density of muscle—and fat—creating a solid foundation the disguises all else. Her lack of femininity is repaired only in her face, for there her features are just as strong and athletic as the rest of her body. The curve of her cheekbones is sharp, the taper of her muzzle just shy of delicate. Her ears are wide and stout, the likes of which giving her a cute appearance that she outwardly despises.

Luminous, violet eyes glimmer from a face darkened by charcoal. In likeness to her father, dabs of russet smudge her brow. However, the brush dribbled more russet over her coat. It paints her saddle and the side of her tail into that of rouge. While seemingly stark in difference, the warm palette blends nicely with the oak of her top coat. Tan sweetly kisses her cheeks and flows from chest to belly, ever so slightly scrawling across her ribs and behind her shoulders.

25'' / stocky / 79 lbs / Brown, Tan, Black, Russet / Violet


Sometimes it's hard to find the words to say
I'll go ahead and say them anyway

Amarys knows no filter, but not due to a dumb, knee-jerk reaction. In the heat of passion, acid will drip from her lips, a challenge will exude from a flash of ivory—and yet all of this is calculated aggression. It is not that the young woman cannot control herself. It is simply that she has no desire. Fully aware of social protocol, the she-wolf knows when she should lock her jaws and sit daintily upon the earth. She can feel the subtle itch—ingrained from years of civilization—that whispers to her to behave. Violent, however, is the girl's reaction to the very notion that she should pacify herself. As opposed to abiding by the societal norm, Amarys will steady her stance and broaden her shoulders. She will bare her teeth and aggressively defend her point of view. The very thought that a woman should be demure leaves a sour taste upon Amarys's tongue for it likens her to a waste of space, a consequence of nature. The girl was no accident, no mistake. She deserves to command the room in which she stands, to feel control and to have respect. When denied such basic rights, Amarys responds to the injustice with a slew of insults and a hard-headed protest so visceral that one might wonder if she would ever stop. And indeed, the girl does not know moderation.

Incredibly in-tune with cultural hierarchy and where she—and others—fall on the totem pole, Amarys often finds herself looking for insults. Even the trace of disrespect will earn narrowed, violet eyes and a hiss of distaste. Quick is the she-wolf to condemn those around her, slow is she to forgive. Perhaps this is due to Amarys' willingness to defend her beliefs. Belligerent and pugnacious by nature, she will quickly leap to the front lines. The mere hint of war—moral or physical—causes her to rise to the occasion. Those that will not follow and those that instigate are less than dirt within her eyes. One would never have to ask where they fall within Amarys' heart. Her opinions are always made brutally clear.

As seemingly violent and head-strong as Amarys appears, she is not necessarily self-righteous to a fault. When proven wrong—that alone being a difficult feat—she will apologize. Her tone will be bitter, her eyes will be nothing more than slits, and her words will be spat in a flurry of spittle, but she will apologize. Beneath her rebellious exterior, the girl does care for the virtues of honesty, integrity, and generosity. She deeply believes in sharing with those less fortunate and protecting the weak. The girl wishes to nurture those around her—but only if they accept that aid and help themselves in tandem. Amarys is not blind to greed and manipulation. She does not expect the culture to pander to her ideas—but she will bend and break it until it does.

Hard Out Here — Lily Allen / Told You So — Paramore / Maneater — Blue Eyed Blondes

Pugnacious / Belligerent / Loyal / Obtuse / Choleric

Chaotic Good, The Maverick

Roleplay Sample:

"You son of a whoreshoe crab, you—!"

Violet met that of yellow. One being was pulsing with life. Neurons fired, rage blazed within the wrinkled muzzle and the narrowed eyes. Chestnut paws pressed into the sand, ivory teeth glinted in the pale light of morning. The other... cocked its fine-feathered head and squawked. Lifeless eyes betrayed nothing save for acknowledgement of life. There lingered no fear, no awareness of its thievery.

Muscles within the woman's jaw jumped as her teeth clacked together. Loud was the rumbled of her growl as she stamped the sand. The strength of it jarred her shoulder, the pain of it causing her to grow all the more violent. Had the nitwit settled on more equal ground, she would have already barreled after the seabird. Settled upon its perch as it was, however, left the native stranded upon the shore.

Another dissonant quork left the beast before it ruffled its wings. A look of mild—and truly minute it was—contentment flickered upon the avian's face. The head cocked once more, straightened, then bowed to pick at the carcass of the cod.

Amarys snorted in derision and turned away, the throes of aggression still plain and visible upon her face. Anger warmed her against the frosty breeze, and as she began her trek home, she could not help but feel her lips tug downwards. Her brow squatted above her eyes and a furrow remained perfectly affixed above the bridge of her nose.

It was safe to say that she was sufficiently cheery for the day's events.
9/22/17 — UPDATES

This is a friendly reminder that I will be choosing apps for these characters on Friday, September 22. There are only two days left, so please get your app in if you'd like to try out for an adopt!

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Thank you to everyone who auditioned for a Sand fam!

@Kerroe, I'm discounting your app since it's still crossed out; DM me if you're still interested!

@Lullaby / @Baph / @Claerie — thank you all for your lovely apps! Please feel free to create your new characters' accounts and get them into play!! ♥ ♥ ♥

ETA: Please make sure to have the account made within 3 days or to talk to me about app changes within 3 days so that I know y'all are still interested in adopting the characters! At the end of the 4th day, if I haven't heard back from anyone, I will assume that you're no longer interested in the character.

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