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If you're going to be delayed or absent from NoN for an extended period of time, please post here and let us know! Posts will remain on this board until the end date of the absence then they will be deleted. Absences posted before an activity check will exempt the player from the check. After a second missed check, absent members will be moved to inactive.

* This indicates you've missed one activity check.

[b]Name:[/b] What's your name?
[b]Characters:[/b] List all of your characters.
[b]Timeframe:[/b] How long will you be gone?
Name: Magpie
Characters: Kohl, Malachi, Rhapsody
Timeframe: Sept 9 - Oct 1

Heya - this is a delay, not an absence. Have something IRL I need to deal with that's going to take some of my time and a lot of my energy! Thanks loves <3
Name: Fira
Characters: Red, Astrid, Isocrates
Timeframe: Sep. 9 through... basically when school ends, so December 15, or something. I know. Long time. This is more just to let people know that posting will be really slow, because school is making my life suck and bringing my depression back, so I have little to no energy for posting. :( I'll try, but... Don't expect a miracle.
Name: Cardinal.
Characters: Othello, Magnus, Cianna, Fyodor, Marshnellow.
Timeframe: From 9/17 to next Sunday 9/24, hopefully. I'm not going anywhere, but as I am now I can't post, let alone think. I have a serious cold that I need to rest off, so I'm hoping a week will clear it up if not rid it entirely. <3

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