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Pine Grove
At the northernmost border of the Forest is where it grows thickest. Here, massive pine trees shoulder one another, vying for space in a tightly woven thicket, allowing very little light to pierce through the canopy to the soil their roots are entrenched in. The ground is spongy and thick with moss, clinging tightly to the craggy rock beneath. This area presents an eerie, stifled atmosphere, as though all sound uttered beneath these branches is swallowed as soon as it emerges. Most will find it to be quiet and suffocating: the air too still, the noise too distant, the scents too subtle; and they will leave as soon as they can. Whether the pine grove is truly dangerous, however, remains to be seen.
Nouveau by Fayre on 1 minute ago
Crater Lake
Passed through generations of wolf-kind is a tale of how Crater Lake came to be. It is said that a massive meteorite fell from the skies above, crashing into the earth with terrible force—a force great enough to create a wide crater in the ground. Over time, water from both rain and the melting glacier filled it until only a single island peeked up from underneath the still, quiet depths. No fish swim nor algae thrive in the waters of the oft spoken-of Crater Lake, and only a few reeds and other such plants grow at the edges where the crater’s rim used to be. The locals know the area for its strong but harmless gales as well as the diverse wildlife drawn to the water.
Lust for Life by Amarantha on Yesterday, 08:50 PM
Nestled into the still waters of the crater lake sits an island, more than half obscured by a gnarled mixture of water oaks and stubborn conifers, virginal to the touch of wolf-kind. None have been so bold as to explore the island, for it is shrouded in myth and mystery that has long kept the superstitious away.
Purgatory Forest
Purgatory Forest is a southern and sickly subsection of the wider Forest region, as well as the most isolated location therein. Its story began with a single spark on a stormy summer eve. The spark became two, then three, then a dozen, until the once lively haven was covered in writhing flames. This tragedy, though natural in origin, stole the Forest’s soul, changing the lives of its inhabitants for good. Only twisted branches and scorched trunks remain, a nightmarish reflection of its past glory. But, like fire, life is apt to spark where one least expects it. That’s why passersby often find hints of green within Purgatory Forest: evidence of trees and plants struggling to make a comeback.
Into the Darknes by Sol on 28 minutes ago
Silver Falls
From an unreachable plateau west of Elsynia, a glittering stream of crystalline water tumbles its way into the Forest proper, forming a misty hollow at the foot of the cliff-side. This rather picturesque scene is named Silver Falls. A cloak of mystifying fog conceals the waterfall on most days, making it almost indistinguishable by anything but sound—a steady roar—except with the clearest of weather. During the coldest months of the year, Silver Falls will be frozen over and the Forest will seem much quieter than it ought to be. The noise of Silver Falls draws in many curious creatures, but because of the terrible visibility, it’s unknown who or what may be encountered upon the rocks until it’s too late.
one more light by Aely on Yesterday, 08:49 PM
Lost Woods
Just south of Silver Falls, shrouded in mist and eerily still, lie the Lost Woods, forever living up to their name. Many a soul has wandered into these dark depths and found themselves disoriented, imprisoned within a veritable labyrinth of twisting turns and dizzyingly similar shadows. The only constant of the Lost Woods is the sound of running water—specifically, the stream born of Silver Falls. It can be said that as long as one keeps close to the stream, they’ll have hope of exiting the woods in one piece. But despite the dangers the Lost Woods represent, it’s a very interesting place full of unforgettable sights, and those who know their way around will feel very sheltered there.
Ashes to ashes by Evanora on 11 hours ago

The Forest
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