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The Beyond
In the farthest northern reaches is a cluster of mountains that tower over Elsynia. It is a place that has a legend ingrained in its very name. The Beyond is truly harsh, providing few conditions for survival as it is often assaulted by blizzards and below-zero temperatures. The heavy flurries of snow—and occasionally hail—make it almost impossible for anyone to see more than a few feet ahead, and the cold bites through even the heaviest of coats. It is said that those who dare to master the great Beyond are risking their lives. There are many great stories about the ones foolish or brave enough to make the attempt, however.
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Mineral Lake
Due to the melting ice of the Beyond, a breathtaking body of water takes shape just south of the mountains: Mineral Lake. Many will attest to the fact that the lake-water has a faint but noticeable taste; this is because of the minerals deposited therein. Even with the low temperatures, Mineral Lake does not seem to freeze over, and only a thin sheet of ice, easily broken, encases its edges. An omnipresent breeze sweeps above the lake as it’s quite close to the Beyond, so it is difficult for any creature to linger in the area for long. Another interesting feature of Mineral Lake is the rocky forest terrain—often described as overwhelming and expansive—that surrounds it, hiding its beauty from the wider world.
Hidden within a labyrinth of earth and ice is the sound of a moving river though its primary location is hard to figure out due to the sound bouncing off of the many twists and turns underground. It is risky to brave the alcoves and cave that accompany this river due to the limited sunlight that peeks through random holes in the rock and ice, one wrong turn and you could fall into the constantly moving waters, never to resurface again.
Directly north of the Tundra’s plain, the landscape steadily changes and hills emerge at the base of the craggy mountains. These foothills are best described as a dizzying pattern of slopes that grows more and more complex as it spreads toward the eastern border of Elsynia. They stretch farther than the eye can see, the obscuring mist an obvious warning not to roam too carelessly. Between the hills, especially the steeper ones, are serpentine corridors that form a sort of maze: a trap waiting to befall the foolish traveler. However, the more rounded hills provide an interesting view if one is willing to withstand the cold. Many animals make their homes here, though they are skilled at hiding, for there are many places to hide.
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Bone Ground
The Bone Ground is situated to the west of the icy plain the Tundra is best known for. The ambiguous name of this area is a compromise, as the land is neither too flat or too hilly. Giant herds of caribou can be found here since it’s a frequent stop on their migration route. It’s during autumn that they cover the soil with a carpet of bloody velvet in anticipation of breeding. When the Bone Ground is stained white with newly fallen snow, however, one will only encounter the antlers they have shed and left behind. Other creatures tend to wander into the Bone Ground when the caribou are not around, though, so it will never be deserted for very long.
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Frigid Tundra
Fenced on three sides by mountains and foothills sits a wide, frozen expanse that most refer to as the Frigid Tundra, the heart of the Tundra itself. Its main characteristic is its flat ground, seemingly endless when one is trying to cross it. This plain can be both harsh and rewarding for those brave enough to try and thrive within. The land is barren and empty of almost any greenery for most of the year and the climate is only just bearable during the winter months, but even so, it is not completely devoid of life. If nothing else, those who pass through the Frigid Tundra will have an easy, if long, journey. The only problem is the lack of cover which renders many vulnerable to the eyes of keen observers.
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The Tundra
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