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The Tundra
To the far north of Elsynia lies the rocky tundra and treacherous arctic wastes. This diverse landscape is one to behold and one to fear. Despite their beauty, the lands herein are harsh and cold; only a fool would wander in unprepared. The furthest reachable point is nothing but cold snow and hard rock, a desolate, mountainous region that leads to nowhere. This place is often referred to as “the Beyond,” because anyone who has gone Beyond has never returned. South of the peaks, there is a mineral lake, fed by hidden underground rivers nestled beneath the mountains. Rolling foothills pave the way toward the scrubbier side of the tundra, where herds of caribou often migrate. Both tantalizing and frightening, only the hardiest animals will seek refuge here.
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The Forest
When one moves south, they will inevitably cut through the heart of Elsynia, a green paradise replete with trees both coniferous and deciduous, where life congregates. A beautiful pine grove provides a main focal point at the northern edge of this region. To the east, many miles away, lies a massive lake formed by something thought to have fallen from the sky. Within that lake is a small island just waiting to be explored. To the south, one might come across a secluded forest that seems both dead and alive, or an open yet mysterious stretch of woods where mist winds between the trees. Close to these woods is an impassible cliff wall—a glorious torrent of water roars over its edge. At the borders of the great Forest, the land is grassy and green, vague and undefined.
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The Coast
A never-ending sea spans the very bottom of Elsynia: an impossible barrier none can brave. From the Black Sand Beach, the Coast’s main feature, several islands can be seen in the distance, but it’s difficult to discern whether life grows on them. In any case, there are many other sites to visit, such as towering cliffs and a peninsula that overlooks a small rock formation to the west; to the east, a deep fjord that splits the Coast in two. This fjord is surrounded by marshes on one side and grasslands on the others. The marshes butt up against the tail of the eastern mountain range, along which is a pass—the only way into Elsynia. The grasslands eventually lead to the Forest, though the line between these regions is ambiguous at best. Generally, where deciduous trees become bountiful is where the Coast is said to end.
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