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Long ago, the Coast stretched farther inland. As the sea receded, the black sand, constantly pushed back and forth by dominating winds, formed dunes. Over time, feathery grass and colorful lichen began to take root and tamed the dunes; thus, the grasslands were formed. On their northern side, the sand becomes soil and the grass is littered with leaves from the bordering Forest, but to the south, they are gently overtaken by the beaches. The grasslands, pervasive as they are, stretch all along the Coast until they are broken by the fjord. Stocky, strong-backed ponies with short, muscular legs are a common sight here; they seem to have an unspoken truce with the other locals.
White Noise by Maeva on 02-18-2018, 01:07 PM
Goldenrod Marshes
While the Coast is no stranger to fierce winds, the Marshes are sheltered by high cliffs to the east, giving travelers a small reprieve. That said, the marshes only barely buffer the stormy seas. During especially turbulent storms, when the waves extend beyond the beaches, the low-lying area becomes a temporary lake. The mossy grasses surrounding the pools offer shelter and nesting sites for migratory waterfowl and, during the warmer months, an excess of small rodents and amphibians. With the winter, the brackish water is covered in a thin layer of ice and the sound of waves crashing against the distant shore echo ceaselessly across this otherwise silent expanse.
Petite fleur by Froja on 02-13-2018, 07:57 AM
Black Sand Beach
This name is perfectly descriptive. The Black Sand Beach, often littered with dark pebbles and various seashells, stretches between the cliffs on the east and west of the Coast. Even though the sea is notorious for dangerous currents and powerful waves, the tide is not unpredictable. An experienced beach-goer knows to be wary, as parts of the beach get inundated by the high tide, especially near the peninsula; but during the low tide, more of the coastline becomes exposed. During the winter months, it is not uncommon to see chunks of ice beached on the black sand. Other than fishing, playing, or finding seashells, there is not much to do here but soak in the sun.
Sensations by Kai on Yesterday, 06:47 PM
Cliffside Peninsula
The southernmost land of Elsynia is a peninsula that stretches out toward the infinite gray sea. On one side, the water is very dangerous. Gnarly rocks are deceptively hidden below the surface and rogue waves crash against the cliff face. A single misstep will certainly cost a life. In comparison, the other side is relatively peaceful. While a plunge into the sea is daunting—if exhilarating—to contemplate, the fall won’t kill a wolf or anything larger. Oftentimes, the gentle but strong current that rules here will throw even accomplished swimmers back ashore. Still, the view from the top is breathtaking enough that the Cliffside Peninsula is worthy of visiting regardless of its cliff-diving possibilities.
The Fjord
Bordered by the grasslands and the Dank Marshes, the fjord is a long and narrow inlet too large to jump across. Submerged in seawater once upon a time, the fjord is now a glorified valley. The river that runs through its length is pleasant to swim in for those who don’t want to risk the turbulent sea. Floods here are very uncommon—nearly unheard of. The grass- and moss-covered cliffs are hard to climb, but they do offer shelter from the howling winds. As one travels further inland, the water becomes less brackish and the cliff faces give way to small, shallow caves where stone has slowly eroded over eons. Many valuable herbs grow in these secret crevices.
Between Worlds by Maeva on Yesterday, 12:53 PM

The Coast
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